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icon pds bibliographies The circle way. A leader in every chair, Christina Baldwin et Ann Linnea, Berett-Koehler, 2010, 241p. Meetings in the round have become the preferred tool for moving individual commitment into group action.

icon pds bibliographies Association Magazine
Tooting Your Own Horn : Effective Communication and Member Engagement, Carole-Anne Moutinho, August-September 2011, pp.10-12. All communications need to ensure members are in the loop and crystal clear about the results the association is getting on their behalf and how is making their lives better.
icon pds site Grantcraft
Scanning the Landscape 2.0, Finding Out What’s Going On in Your Field. This updated edition of a 2004 GrantCraft guide reflects key changes in philanthropy, from the rise of social media to a growing tendency to scan continuously for changes and opportunities.
icon pds site The Carold Institute and Langara College
Staying True, Staying the Course, Lessons From 10 Successful Community Service  Organizations in British Columbia, 1997-2008. It is not sufficient for a voluntary community service organization to merely survive the vagaries of funding or the turbulence of constantly changing social conditions. The challenge is not only to survive, but to do so with the organization’s integrity intact.
icon pds fjab Talking to Funders
It is common for an organization to look at several questions when preparing proposals for potential funders. What information should be included? To whom should it be addressed? Should we ask for a meeting prior to submitting our proposal? How should we make certain our proposal stands out? Here are a few tips inspired by our own experience.

Organizations are often more comfortable pursuing their mission and carrying out their program than spreading the word on their actions.

A multitude of communications and evaluation tools are available. By browsing  through various options, organizations can chose the tools that best suit their reality, that best reflect the scope of their actions and that best translate the importance of their work to stakeholders.