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icon pds site Demystifying Data for the Charitable Sector
This is a data primer, proposed by Imagine Canada in order to break down the landscape and bring together some of the key definitions, classifications, and issues surrounding data.

icon pds pdf The capacity for data: how the social sector can build data-informed organizations
There are ways for organizations within the sector to develop their data capacity — their ability to use this data effectively — to become data-informed. One way to do that is for the sector and individual organizations to develop and implement data strategies. A report written by Powered by data, in collaboration with the Ontario Trillium Foundation. 

icon pds site Is Your Nonprofit Built for Sustained Innovation?
"Innovation. The word is so ubiquitous, it’s lost much of its buzz and most of its meaning. Nevertheless, our research suggests that most leaders of nonprofits believe that to advance their missions, they must imagine and create new approaches to solving vexing social challenges." A very insightful article published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review. 

icon pds site Innovate or die: yes, it applies to associations
Published in the CSAE Association Agenda, on June 6, 2017. If associations don’t change to better serve their end users, those customers will gradually find other alternatives. Once that shift has begun, it is very difficult to respond.

icon pds site Social Innovation : Latest Thinking in Canada
Stephen Huddart, President of the J. W. McConnell Family Foundation publishes a comprehensive reflection on the evolution of social innovation thinking and practice in Canada over the last seven years.

icon pds site Radical
Radicle is a new quarterly digest of R&D from across the social impact world. It is curated by the SIG team and funded by The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. Subscription is free.

icon pds pdf How Association Leaders Can Think Differently About the Future
The year 2030 is little more than a decade and a half away, and as association leaders begin to look toward this future milestone, they must prepare for an accelerating and intensifying surge of serious challenges to their long-standing beliefs about what it will take for their organizations to thrive.

icon pds pdf Old problems, new solutions: Measuring the capacity for social innovation across the world

Policymakers, non-government organisations, charities and entrepreneurs across the world are showing increasing interest in “social innovation” as a means of addressing various problems, from poverty and homelessness to environmental degradation. What does the term actually mean?

The Social Innovation Index, sponsored by Nippon Foundation was devised and constructed by an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The report examines, analyses and explains social innovation.

icon pds site ABSI Connect Kit
ABSI Connect seeks to amplify the initiatives of the social, economic and ecological that challenge successfully the status quo in Alberta. Kate Letizia, Aleeya Velji Cornelisse and Lesley have put together several tools and resources in response to what they have learned and heard about social innovation Alberta.

icon pds pdf The Social Intrapreneur. A field guide for corporate changemakers.
Published in partnership with The Skoll Foundation, Allianz and IDEO, the report presents a field guide to the world of social intrapreneurship – its challenges and opportunities.

Much has been said about social innovation, but it remains a vague concept for many organizations.

However, it encompasses a set of practices and new methods that deserve close attention. Essentially, social innovation means challenging the status quo, for everyone’s benefit.