A new application process was launched in fall 2018. Emerging from an exhaustive reflection conducted by the members of the Donations Committee, this revision of our procedures seeks to meet the organizations’ needs better, while clarifying the Foundation’s objectives. 

new applications: Intent form

Every year, the Foundation studies hundreds of donation applications, prepared by organizations with a heavy workload. Since not every application can be presented to the Donations Committee within the immediate application period, a new procedure has been deployed. 

From now on, all new applications will begin with the filing of an intent form. This form will allow you to describe the object of your application summarily. We then will contact you to indicate whether the application can be studied by the Donations Committee. Only the applicant whose file will be presented to the Committee will be invited to submit a complete application. 

The Foundation accepts intent forms throughout the year. Organizations may submit one new intent form every 12 months. 

The intent form requires little preparation time. A guide is available for the applicants who would like to have more details on the sections to be completed.

Only the intent form will be studied at this stage. It is therefore useless to send us any other documentation for the time being.

As the Foundations supports organizations for a certain length of time, a limited number of new partnerships can be established annually.

Response deadlline: you should receive an answer by email within 20 working days. 

donation renewal applications

Organizations that submit a renewal application for mission funding (on an annual basis) do not have to submit an intent form. 
However, any new application for project or major campaign funding, or an organization whose mission funding has been interrupted for over two years, must submit a new intent form.

Application periods

To clarify the renewal application agenda for organizations and facilitate the treatment of applications by the Foundation team, we have produced a new timeline for submitting renewal requests: 

June Committee
Deadline for submitting a renewal application: April 1

August Committee
Deadline for submitting a renewal application: June 1

November Committee
Deadline for submitting a renewal application: September 1

February Committee
Deadline for submitting a renewal application: December 1

April Committee
Deadline for submitting a renewal application: February 1

Response deadline for complete application submitted to the Committee: maximum of 90 days after receipt of the application by the Foundation. All answers will be send by email out of respect for the environment. 



The Foundation does not use a standard application form. We prefer to receive personalized applications reflecting the character of each applicant organization.
Every application must be composed of the following documents:

  • A letter of application indicating the support requested and the period during which the funds will be used.
  • A brief presentation of the organization, its fields of activity and its objectives (2 to 4 pages maximum)
  • In the case of a project, a description of the project and the implementation budget (including the financial partners involved, if applicable).
  • A copy of the most recent audited financial statements.
  • The list of members of the Board of Directors.
  • Your organization’s organigram.
  • A copy of the last annual report or activity report (or the hyperlink, if available online).


Sending the application

The applications must be sent through our secured WeTransfer site,

Logo wetransfer WeTransfer

A confirmation of receipt is generated automatically when the documentation is downloaded by the Foundation team. If you do not receive this email within 48 business hours after sending the application, please 

Please note that : 

  • Due to the many applications submitted to us and to favour follow-up visits for active donations, we cannot accept requests for meetings with applicant organizations.

    However, do not hesitate to call us to ask more specific questions or to verify your application’s compatibility with the Foundation’s interests.


grant follow-up

The donation confirmation letter includes all conditions related to the donation and specifies the follow-up documents that are requested.
In addition to the formal contribution reports required to manage the donation, we appreciate informal follow-ups by partner organizations wishing to share their successes and challenges.